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Missing my boy

I miss you my son, you're everything to me,
but I'll always be here, over time you will see.

I am you're daddy and I love you lots.
Being away from you has tied me in knots.

I really do hate it when you are not near.
To add to this I'm struggling with my fear.

I'm scared you'll be hurt during a fight.
I'm scared the dog will turn and give you a bite.

I'm scared I won't be there whenever you're sad.
I know you have mum but you really need dad.

You are number one in my life.
You are the one I want to keep from the strife.

I really hate it when you aren't with me,
because you are my son and I'm your Daddy.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
Written to my boy who is my world describing my fears.

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So hard to be away from our kids. Just keep showing you care and they will feel your love. Thanks for sharing this with us. wave
I know the feeling and share your fears...bouquet
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