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Once Again, For the Second Time

About fifty yards away, he saw her.
The first glance was nothing more than any man casts at a beautiful lady,
Immediately projecting her into a half-second-long, erotic fantasy.
But his eyes were transfixed.
She was a crape myrtle on a country lane.
Not majestic like an ancient oak,
But impossible to miss in the passing panoply.
A little closer and he was breathless.
In a beautiful place on a beautiful day,
Thee background looked staid with her at center stage.

She wore a short, frothy, white dress, clinging to smooth, bronze skin in the hot breeze.
Two boys ahead of her on the dock searched the trees and sky for a reason to look back and catch a glimpse.
A worker in the boatyard quit tinkering with a decrepit outboard, his eyes transfixed on her every move.

He was still onboard the boat,
Though he couldn't remember why.
In fact, his mind was blank.
There was something indescribable in her.
His eyes were glued to each footfall.
She was not far off when realization hit:
She is walking this way.
To him.

To me.

I had loved her once.
Now, by some twist of fate, I can love her again.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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love never dies they say...and others say it's sweeter second time around...just wondering what happened the first time...nonetheless this is an awesome play of descriptive words; one I enjoyed reading very much...bouquet thumbs up
I heartily appreciate the kind words. Actually, this was just a fictional story I built when I was bored on the boat one day. Wishful thinking perhaps.
Hi, brett4733,
It can be nice when one sees another again, though as if it were for the very first time. That moment of awareness is special, indeed. Thanks for sharing your glimpse.
Hi Brett,

I wonder if you are a writer who has published some work already.

I like very much your style and something I can't fail to mention is that you get to capture the reader's attention to know what will happen after every sentence, that is very difficult to achieve, "the reader's interest" and I'm not talking about poems I'm talking about a novels.

If you have not done already, I humbly suggest the following:

* Lie down on your bed, in your favorite chair or somewhere that makes you feel relaxed
* close your eyes
* breathe deeply
* ask your heart what he feels
* and start writing.

Because the first novel it better be from what your heart desires and not what people wants.

I'm sure you will be very successful. Just let us know the pseudonym that you are going to use so we're going to be able to recognize you.

God bless you, watch over you and guides your steps along the way.

Stellangel cool heart wings hug
This is really beautiful Brett --
with a moral at the end to be certain and not let go of the special lady if one is lucky enough to find her :-)hold on tight and never let her go !second chances yes-- rarely get a third !
Well done you on such a romantic piece of writng !
Regards ,,Fiona rose
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