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Odontoceti (Lady Morgana's Challenge)

Hiding low my deep voice in depth of sound
More vocal my watery world than yours
Many miles in distance my presence found
Yet not far from the glimmering Azores

Large at birth swimming a winnowing sea
Transiting as I do from pole to pole
Roams vast a spirit for remaining free
Carefree I go shimmering shoal to shoal

Alive with such hope for life eternal
So much older now and so much wiser
Fills a legend from a sailor's journal
My famous name now flows like a geyser

Relate to Jonah tales of Isreal
Be watchful for spirit of Ishmael
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
A little hint perhaps in the title????

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Comments (14)

The Toothless Whale?dunno

and again you give us a delightful sonnet applause
To roam the watery world..A lovely thought.

My thanks Yankee for joining in, appreciatd & enjoyed very much. bouquet wine
Hi Yankee

A fine sonnet and a fascinating story, the way this poem leads up to that final denouement by way of such a sharp closing couplet is just perfect...


Bill wine wine
I like them...Odontoceti over Mysticeti (baleens)...I think they smile better...he he he! I've swam with whale sharks and I know they have small teeth...but not sure until now which suborder they belong/I guess Mysticeti..being the largest of them whales. I really enjoyed reading your entry. bouquet peace thumbs up

"Carefree I go shimmering shoal to shoal" ... I long to do this...
Large at birth swimming a winnowing sea
Transiting as I do from pole to pole
Roams vast a spirit for remaining free
Carefree I go shimmering shoal to shoal

Hi Yankee all the stanzas in your sonnet compiled stands as poignant but the above stood out the most.Interesting choice on the challenge,i would'nt even guessgrin .All the bestwineM.M
The Jonah tales tell us it was a whale but you gave us it's name and it's a beautiful animal. So you are a toothed whale Yankee eh? That would be a fine life, roaming as you say from pole to pole in the depths of the big blue. Cool idea sir and beautifully written,

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
Yankee4youonline today!
He is a giant, largely (but not completely) white, bull sperm whale and the main antagonist of the novel. He bit off Ahab's leg, leaving Ahab to swear revenge. The cetacean also attacked the Rachel and killed the captain's son. At the end of the story he kills the entire crew of the Pequod, with the exception of Ishmael. The story does not tell whether he survives his own wounds after that. Although he is an integral part of the novel, My mystery whale appears in just three of the 135 chapters and the reader does not have access to his thoughts and motivations. He is considered to be a symbol of a number of things, among them God, nature, fate, the ocean, and the very universe itself. Hmmmmm I had no idea....but after further research I guess that I couldn't have been any other kind of whale....because I was cleary a 'toothed whale'

cool cheers cheers
"shimmering shoal to shoal" evokes a seriously strong and pleasant image in my head cool, that's what I like in poetry. Very nice sonnet. applause
Yankee....what a wonderful of those we should return to many times, always learning more from.....
Nice Yankee ...seriously skilled poetry..drinking
Hi Yankee,

Another classic sonnet based on a classic story. cheers
Yankee4youonline today!
Chaptain....Thank you...I must say I had fun with this one....of course I chose as my character, Moby d*ck, perhaps because he was a fighter who fought back but what is perhaps more amazing is his story is told during a time when humanity was at the heights of its 'manifest destiny'....Nature better than man was not at all in
Yankee4youonline today!
Bill, Rob...Thanks for reckonizing and acknowledging the sonnet style that I seem to gravitate more more towards ... both of your encouragement is heartfelt...handshake handshake beer
Yankee4youonline today!
Kathy... these challenges really get folks thinking and writing....thank you for noticing....
Yankee4youonline today!
M.M Most gracious my friend....what can define freedom such as where a whale would they own the ocean.....
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