Changing tide!

Missing is the sandy shore; My beach is pictureque no-more. Somethings we look forward for: the summer, beach; being outdoor. And so almost everywhere, so many things people miss. Some are lost forever; there is that constant "risk". Things we took for granted, migrated to its new abode. With regrets we are haunted, when things "like" beaches erode. Whether it's life or beaches, treasures leave us behind. We work and build niches, but they "fade" with time. It's fatalism, or is it? From "tomorrow" can we hide? We lose, bit by bit, because of the changing tide!
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Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
Life is about constant change; it's unavoidable. however we must care for the things we love.

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We are losing a lot here because of the change coming to our small town of Platteville, lost jobs, lost manners, lost peace, safety, lost Catholic school, lost Chicago's Best in a fire, lost trips because of gas prices.dunno help blues
hey mcradloff, i know how you feel. the world has moved for roung to woefully wrong.
hey mcradloff, i know how you feel. the world has moved for roung to woefully wrong.
Nice to see you Byfaithvery happy Inspiring write,hope all is well today on our 50th independancewine tip hat M.M
hey poetnumber1, how you do. trust all is well. i am not here often because my plate is full. however os today is independence i got the time to write. hope we have a good independence and a blessed future.
Sorry for the late response Byfaith,all is well on my part of the country cheers buddycheers
I know how it feels to see ones beach become pictureques no more please I remember when my beach had much forest and now it is wall to wall buildings. They (man) changed the normal formation of nature. Building where buildings should of never been. The sandy shore became less, which changes the reefs which change the sea life. Then they wonder why they are now seeing whales and sharks of breeds that never entered into the Atlantic before here. Not only have they changed my home but the sea lifes too all in the name of progress crying I never wanted to be one of the top tourist places blues Putting all that away. I try to remember how a pearl is formed from an oyster and maybe we will once more see a pearl. Maybe not the pearl it was before but a pearl. Thank you for this poemteddybear
thanks for sharing happygolucky4u
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