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A Perfect Night (The Unfinished Sonnet)

Last night you snuck into my dream
I hugged and kissed and held you in my arms
Roused this morning by reality's scream
Dreading your absence, ensnared by your charms

A waste of words trying to describe
The touch of your hand, caress of your lips
Fearing the end I'm eager to imbibe
The everlasting moments of our short nightly trips

A world of passion free from hassle and strife
Tempted yet puzzled I don't know what to do
Am I living my dream or dreaming my life?
All I know - you could make it all come true
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
If I hadn't woken up, this would have become a sonnet.

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Comments (12)

loved it ..Really good
I wonder what else would have happened in your dream if you had not woken!confused

I liked your unfinished sonnet chaptain :)

Blessingsangel hugheart wings teddybear
A perfect night....Chaptain....made beautiful unfinished sonnet...but beautiful all the same...Kathyhug
Hi Chaptain this is beautifully woven piece that you've compiled that speaks romance.I do love romance so i enjoyed this much...cheerscheers M.M
A beautiful write Chaptain..I guess it's a good thing this unfinished sonnet ... in order for you to live your dream each night!bouquet wine
I actually wonder as well now confused
I figured if Schubert left a symphony unfinished ...
Thanks for the thoughts everyone!
Awww, woke up too soon? I hate when that happens, it's a lovely poem Chaptain - now go back to sleep and dream the rest of it!

thumbs up purple heart
I think we all know the way if you actually do go back to sleep full of hope you always dream something completely weird and upsetting instead of the rest of that lovely dream! I'll keep trying anyway, thanks Ladybee yawn
This poem and the dreaming of it, is PERFECT as is. Sometimes things are just what they are and in them we find a unique beauty that steers us in yet another direction. Who says we always have to follow the straight and narrow? Not I. I tread the forest in search of those few sweet berries no one else shall ever find, touch or taste. That's the stuff. A sensitive, lovely piece that left me knowing there are romantics out there who actually do have passion and fire. We ALL hunger for it. wine
A world of passion free from hassle and strife

Ah! sonnet or not sonnet...Tis just beautiful. purple heart
Hi Chaptain,

A seriously good unfinished sonnet which I certainly know I could identify with. Cheers mate. cheers
Hi Chaptain.. What else can I say that's not already been said.. dunno
awesome unfinished sonnet.. fab work! thanks for sharing with us.. wine bouquet
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