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We all cry

You say you dont feel
But I know its a lie
Our lives are ruled by feelings
and we often cry
I know there is only so much
hurt we can take
only so much pain
before our hearts break

but when we open our eyes
from another sleepless night
we get up and go on
and we continue to fight

And with every new day
acceptance brings
Tolerance and strength
for the every day things.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012
About this poem:
its a struggle but we must continue to fight.

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Comments (3)

Life is indeed a struggle and no one whether man,woman or child is immune to the pain and tears that it bears,inspiring thoughts Rosegift wine M.M
Tears are good for the soul...your depth of understanding human emotions shows...thanks for sharingbouquet wine
In our society it is considered wimpy for men to cry. I was told this by my teacher when I was in 5th grade, don't cry, it only encourages them. Then I heard him again ten years later when I was studying for my teaching license that men should cry so they don't get heart attacks, needless to say women outlive men.crying blues heart wings
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