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Eagle (M's challenge)

I need not be right by might
Or win by cunning evil
Nor slither or hide under rocks
Or swim the ocean deeply
To run the plains I'll leave to you
Or through the trees swinging
So small that I'll cause you pain
Or that damned infernal itching
All these things and many more
I really have no interest
For me to soar the skies so high
To fly like an eagle
I'd slowly circle all around
And watch the world below me
You would look in amazement up
And wish that you'd be flying
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012

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Comments (6)

Yankee4youonline today!
Had a chance recently t watch an eagle soaring at great heights then swooping down on some unsuspecting sun bathing fish....unbelievable power and majesty is your mighty eagle....Very nice entry
Thank you

Hi Steve wave Thanks for coming up with your soaring Eagle poem for the challenge..applause One can understand why The freedom and majestic magic of an Eagle entices us.. anything but itching! haha

Very much enjoyed wine bouquet
another P bird.....powerful and prey...great poem Steveteddybear Kathy
Hi Steve this is a great poem,your choice is so much better than a creature that itchesgrin All the best friendcheers M.M
Thank you LadyMorgana60

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