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The Moon lights tear?

The moon haunts me with a brightness that screams through the deafening darkness of the night...A light I wish to embrace for the enlightening...A light that that travels away from my inner most flaws...I internally chase, and attemp to hunt it.... But hunting the radiance of loves light leaves my heart calcified/animalistic...Distorted lens glued to my eyes blurs my reality I envision. Wishes I wished could all be but a wish...Pains I've made a lover only to not experience lonliness. Conception: Tears I will not let drip to malnourish the world. So instead I close my eyes and watch the moons light vanish away with the hope that was fused within its full element...Darkness comforts and enclasps the tears for the moment. But in the back of my mind the memory of this light will not budge. So no where to hide from this light. It never leaves my side.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012

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