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Anger inside is raging ablaze
Sparked from just one simple gaze
Step back my friend or feel the wrath
I can’t always control it’s destined path
A warning is all I can share with you
Now back away until I am through
A moment alone will calm the storm
Back to the patience, quiet and norm
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
Someone caught me off guard....all better now :)

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Comments (10)

Wow..powerful and real... drinking
"A moment alone will calm the storm" mumbling

Soooo true! I liked CloudySkyapplause

It can be like a switch....glad you could step back in patience.....CloudySky...Kathydancing
Moments like those test what quality of rock we're really made of.This quite lovely...mercihug wine M.M
So you are the raging twisting tornado of rage hurricane!
Wow must be a F5 class worldwind !!!
Ha a storming poem we must be on simular wave lengths as I was about to post something much the same.teddybear teddybear
With trembling hand a humble knight slides this vial of truce wine(wine) that you may not rip the earth off its hinges.. help Rage on fair maiden.kiss teddybear
Wao wonderful superb in rhyming scheme
A moment alone will calm the storm
Back to the patience, quiet and norm
show the great inne feelings.
cloudysky ? stormy sky ! I like your poem. studecar
Good poem on anger a natural human emotion often bottled up because we feel we should... black background fits hey handshake thumbs up peace
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