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Wrong Life

When we were young we were so sure.......We would grow up and be rich not poor...So where did we go wrong in lifes scheme.....Our being rich is still just a dream......Now i am a poor old weary on my own...In a house thats not a home....No wife no childrens laughter...No living happily ever after....With a heart thats stuggling to cope...Keeping alive this old dope... In a body full of pain...To old to proud to complain....I say complain but to whom....There is only me and the tv in the room....So i talk to the walls at least they listen to my woe...And each day poorer and older i grow.........jw
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Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
i wrote this poem after visiting an old gent when delivering christmas food parcels his story was is my poem as best as i could tell it

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Sad poem jw but it is a fact about older people doh I,m getting there quicker than I wantlaugh
Yes I liked the message too give a little time in busy lives for old people they have a wealth of stories if we would listen.teddybear
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