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Is this right?

Sometimes it disgusts me how in my country they
Will arrest a woman for searching through the bin for food
But would throw so much away, wasted.
Unwanted yet the poor cannot have it.
Their evilness so toxic, how can they withstand it?
They would rather burn an outreached hand than help it
And wonder why the new generations are coming up so sadistic.

Narcissistic government in love with themselves if only they would truly see their reflection.
The evil concurs good in almost every election!
He will come on you television screens dressed to perfection
While his children are being fed
And half way around the world so many little children are dead
And as his children scrape their remains from their plates
The other children would have begged for it but death is their only fate.

I wish to handcuff guilt to his heart
He owes these third world countries
He owes the people in his own country
Who are starving, cold and half dead?
Because he is human and if those people who do not even make half as much money as him are donating
Then he should simply help the hungry people around the world and stop this food wasting.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
Sick..twisted ways of today.

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My dear Lori ...make a difference ..go out to those places that throw away foods and tell them to do charity in the form of giving away leftovers for the needy...explain to them the social benefits and impact in society as a whole and be the middleman for this and you will see it bearing fruit.
Voices can only be heard .
When action is being taken.
Love you and take care white soul.heart wings
hedistuff were saying.....
Late comment reply, i was actually talking about my own country lolz on the news it showed how much food Britain wasted during the Olympics. the amount was sickening, and it just so happens a week before a woman was arrested for searching through supermarket bins.

Thanks for commenting :)

Lorii drinking
Some people are simply living in another world , wether it be politicians or the wealthy .I'm not saying all people, but some.
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