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Just because (macduff's challenge)

Just because i have gained weight
does not mean i have no self esteem.
Just because i am heavier does
not mean i eat a lot of food
or that i do not work out.
Just because I do not work as a
CNA does not mean i don't want to.
Just because i work at at a
furniture consignment shop now
does not mean i do not want
to work in my CNA field.
Just because my knee does not
work all the time does not
mean that i am lazy.
Just because i can not get my
leg to work some days does not
mean i want to be on disability.
Just because i applied for
medicaid does not mean i am
white trash and a slacker.
Just because i go to the Welfare
office does not mean you can
belittle me and make me feel
like white trash.
Just because you look at the
cover you don't know what is
on the inside of anyone.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
People belittle others it is wrong

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Comments (14)

very brave and a hurray for youhug thats telling themteddybear
Just because you look at the
cover you don't know what is
on the inside of anyone.

Well done Adjhe hug
Enjoyed with thanks for sharing..bouquet
Redex thank you for the comment. You are so nice.
Ladymorgana thank you for the positive feedback. dancing
hats off to you my've tackled the subject head on...thanks for sharing...bouquet cheers
oriental thank you so much have a nice dayteddybear
You coughed it out here,you wrote with the honest and heartfelt language that i'm sure many can truly relate to in their own individual way.Thanks for sharingpeace cool M.M
Poet thank you for being so real. Thank you for reading my poetry and giving me feedback.
Hi, adjhe,
Thank you for sharing. Yes, there is inherent worth within every living being and it truly is what is on the inside that defines each of us. It is we who must not give the power to define who we are over to others; but, rather, seek out those who will celebrate who we are and encourage us to bring out the best in ourselves.
We are not alone ,my humble lady ...
Take care and thanks for sharing .
Here is a hug .hug
Take care .heart wings
gnj4u thank you so much for the comment. I know this poem touched people and i am glad i was able to express my feelings.
Morgen you have so much love to give i can see it in your comments and your poetry. I only hope you get the same love returned.applause
Spoken from the heart adjhe we all would love to do something else but it does not mean we are incapable but there is a reason.Look beyond the outward appearance for the real gold that lies hidden there.Love your sweet frank nature.angel bouquet
Paloma you are such an insightful women with wisdom on your side. You encourage me to want to do and be better. Thank you for the commentteddybear wine
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