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bandit love

where you find two doves is were you find love from the sparkles of a river that which even the sparkles of your gorgous eyes,
when the moon is at its fullest the ora lights the earth as the hearts of woman and man light a fire so bright it is seen for miles away,
ships ahoy is what a captain says as he sails his ship to shore with seagulls near he knows his love of the furious waters will never end ,
a bird so injured must lay to rest but the love of a child whom finds it chilling in the rain will mend its wing so it may fly,
grizzly bears attacked and in fear will fight to protect their loved ones whom be near,
human father or wounded mother will always protect their sibblings through tought days and nights and unconditionally be their no matter what,
single humans parents or not will eventually find the one they truly should be with sometimes when they least expect it,
like the doves they will fly together with the fight of grizzly bears and wounded will invite the care in those chilling times so be aware love is in the air.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
well my fight to find true love and continue happy life goes on.

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