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There's a story let me tell you
That happened some time back
So grab a stump and listen
'Bout a D9 Cat. and Matt.
It was '08 round September
And the word had just come through
'Bout some fellers that were coming
To do an interview

They were from a publication
From France across the sea
And arranged to take some photos
Of the Cat.D9 and me
So we did the picture bit OK...
They were awestruck at the 'C'
Then it came at last to my turn
To tell them about me

So I told what they needed
And how to drive the Cat.
Explained about the blade plough
The seeder an' all that
How we rake the country
Before we start to sow
They were speechless as I rambled
Till I gave them both a go

At driving from the cabin
How to turn and twist and back
By the time that they had finished
I think they had the 'knack"
Still silent from the action
They were lost at what to say
But were happy with their efforts
Of their 'drive the Cat' display

Some time later we all parted
Me back to my job
For I must keep the hours up
And earn an honest 'bob'
Then came the time the boss came out
A magazine for me to see
In centre fold was Cat.D9
And large as life was me

The pictures didn't look so bad
The Cat. looked good and clean
And there was 'Matt' as bold as brass
The centre of the scene
Then I looked at all the writing
Gave a squawk of sheer dismay
It was in French... the whole damn lot
What it said I could not say

Then one day while in Roma
I said to my friend 'Pete'
About to print some photos
From the Magazine to keep
And he said just leave it with me
He knew a lady he could see
That could translate into English
The story here for me

So he got it all translated
It was done down at 'SURAT
And I was so so excited
About the story an' all that
So I made a deal and offered
To shout Dinner and a yarn
With the Lady and her Hubby
And her friend called 'Christianne'

So in March we had the dinner
It was sad to see it end
For the company was excellent
And now they are my friends
So I went back to my home place
Where rests the D9 Cat.
And they went back to their place
South of Roma SURAT

M. B. Poems 2012
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
This really happened so I thought it appropriate to put it to verse....

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Now what a tale and how it was told banana loved it brilliantteddybear
Sir ,i feel honoured to read a poetic bard like yours truly ...great story telling ,your best wishes from a new fan,
Thanks .heart wings
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