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Just Because (mac challenge)

Just because I am an Australian
I dont say "G'day mate "
but I am extremely friendly
and this is how Aussie's rate.
I don't have a beer or a Barbie
however a Holley I have as a Carbie.
Nor do I own a pet kangaroo
but I have definately been known
to tell a joke or two

Just because I am Aussie girl
I don't wear boots or a cowboy hat
work in the city and I live in a flat.
I don't live in the outback
my place is not a shack
no Koala's hiding in my trees
though maybe a possum or two
definately no Emu
occasionally dead on the side of the road
I do see a kangaroo. :(

Just because I am Australian
Im only first generation
Which causes a large amount of sensation
and Im not sure I can even be called an Aussie brat
with sweedish/Mauri heritage what breed is that?
A blonde green eyed sweedish/Kiwi
as crazy as that be.

Just because we are Aussies
we laugh and joke and muck about
and a round at the bar we will always shout
our blokes are positive happy fellas
who want a sheila on there arm
We would rather you not call us that or they may be harm!
Aussie girls are not all ockers
same as the British are not all punk rockers.
though I dont mind the soccer
Sport is an australian way of life
doesnt matter if we watch or play
we will cheer it on throughout the day.

Just because I am Aussie
not all aussie girls act like boys
even if some of us drive the hotted up toys
I am a lady and I wear a dress
I am quite happy to get my hands dirty I do confess.
I am tough and strong
but I wear my nails long
I say she'll be right
and I get up each day and fight.

Just because I am Aussie
I am there for my Mates and strangers too
I helped out in the fires & floods
just because it is what neighbours do
We give all to those who are without
and we help the farmers through the droughts
As a nation we feel the pain
when the land goes so long with out the rains.
Our country cries when there is loss and devastation
but we band together as a nation
Just because we are Australian.

we respect the land in which we live
We say "Sorry"
and the best attitude we have is to forgive.
"no worries mate" or "she'll be right"

Just because we are Aussie
you are all welcome here
so G'day Mate.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
I am Aussie through and through
dont judge me And I won't judge you..

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Comments (12)

Good onya Peneloperose .......this is fantastic mate ...........heres to you cobber .............regards n61cheers thumbs up thumbs up
An awesome write...very true and very engaging all the way...thumbs up teddybear
G'day mate!

What a great revealing narrative, you are one feisty Shiela - and this exposé had me chuckling all the way through. I'm sure Macduff will be delighted with this contribution to his 'Just because' challenge.


Bill gift gift
There's a Aussie woman I can fall in love just like that! Super write and the best of both worlds !
smitten heart wings
thanks bloke lips
I may be a city girl now but I grew up on a dairy farm in the bush, where I woke up at the crack of dawn milked the cows then walked 4 miles to school before coming home to do it all again. I have lived in 4 of our 7 vast states. So I've seen drought, fire, cyclone's & rain. I have seen the best of Australians in these times and I am proud of the strength we show when we are needed most I am proud of how Aussie's will give anything a go. I am proud of how friendly we are and welcoming of all those near and far. I have come from poverty and lived as a ward of the state. I have slept on the streets and worked 2 jobs just to raise my children. This country breeds us friendly kind and strong and that is what I want to pass on.
This is just FANTASTIC!!!applause purple heart
Hi Peneloperose,

Nice to meet you...and you really say it as it a style I could never emulate. Welcome and thanks for sharing this one. cheersthumbs up
That's so strong really are girl of steel...
High Respect and salute to you ! Thank you from deep in my heart for sharing your struggle and strength ! applause yay heart wings
Thanks Sheila

Ive lived in Penrith Australia. it is a major suburb in sydney close to Homebush where they held the Olympic Games in 2000 which I worked .... 14 days straight 18 hours a day it was massive... earnt the most money in that time too. But I never want to do that again.
Simply the best, you rock my world good night
awesome !!
Thank you Andy my little Aussie Battler xxkiss
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