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Just because iam a woman,
Doesn't mean i'm weak as some men thinks,
This may not rhyme,
but i tell ya'
Im not meek as a lamb.

Just because iam a single mom,
Doesn't mean i won't find a good loving man;
Just because i don,t have any education,
No diploma nor certification;
Don,t judge me cos iam a good person.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
Just read and don,t judge,,,some maybe so intelligent on their own way,but not me,,maybe ,im just what you called the trying hard lady..:)

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Comments (18)

Hi Jedda i'm sure many could relate to your words,not much of a fan of the oldie music on Youtubelaugh but you sure are a good personhug bouquet
Hi Jeddah I thought it was well said dancing I am proud you are a strong woman. You go Girl cheering shine shine shine peace
Hi Jeddah,

Boy... we go back someways huh? I didn't even know you contributed on here. Like so many others, your poem really shows the real you. Thanks for posting. I had a look at the Youtube clip...I guess "just because" is a good title for a song too. thumbs up wine bouquet
The best education I had did not happen within the four corners of a classroom..No diploma, no certification can make us better are a great person dear just the way you thumbs up to you...this is a strong strong as you!teddybear wine
Hi Jeddah :)
The best education is Love, Happiness, Health, & living Life.. and you have a 1st class diploma thats shouts pride in being a strong proud woman.. head banger Thanks for sharing..bouquet wine
wave halo bro.poet1wave thanks for your lovely commentgrin

Peneloperosewave lets all shine deary,,thanks for commentinghandshake bouquet
Macduffwave grin im just trying,,i wanted to join in again in here,just too busy and words and feelings are still not too alive ,,hard to capture or picture whats in the heart and mind when works and all things put in together ,,never workgrin

thanks for this opportunity sirhandshake wine
Just brilliant life itself is a very good education don't you think. just because i'm older laugh i learn educationaly now.hug liked this jedah made me feel at home somewhatlaugh hug
Orientalkuruwave thanks for your awesome comments and yeah,i agree deary,,we just have to be who we are that makes a happy and good life thumbs up bouquet handshake a blessed day dearybouquet
Enjoyed reading it and knowing a bit more of you.thanks for sharing .heart wings
Hi, jeddah12,
...cos iam a good person. When all is said and done in life, that's the most important thing one can say about themselves! Thanks for sharing.
bouquetwell said sweet ladypurple heart
This is so empowering & real!!! Jeddah, there's no education on earth, better than life!! No text book can teach you the content of our character & class can never be bought. !!! from one single mom to another we deserve to be loved toteddybear angel Loved your poem, thanks for sharingxxteddybear angel
morgenwave thanks for your comment,wine

@Joy,wave thanks for droppingby,blessed day...

@countrywave thanks as well dearhug wine bouquet
Hey queen girl..Just because you are you is what makes the world a better place. We need a zillion you's..and then some.professor grin kiss kiss
Yankee4youonline today!
Jeddah....There really is no such thing as is really one big learning experience.....and for that and for this poem I applaud you and admire your great spirit....teddybear
redexwave thanks a lot for your good commenthug bouquet

ladymorganawave sweet comments and thanks dearybouquet
jimwave thanks for the warm commentteddybear beer

yankeecheers nice weekend guysgrin cheers
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