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~~~Coming fall~~~

summer is slipping away quickly
where did it go
school is back in session
the children to fast they grow

the leaves are softly changing
vibrant shades red, orange, and gold
against a brillant blue sky
awesome colors so bold

my favorite time of year
musky scents fill my nose
crisp leaves crackle under my steps
the air will soon be filled with snow

But for now, I will just enjoy
the sounds and sights
relax and breathe
in the clear and cool nights
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012

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Comments (8)

Hi Countrylady wave
This is a lovely gentle seasonal poem..enjoyed very much.
Thanks for sharing wine bouquet
nice write CL,summer lingers yet fades to fast,fall is in the wind,the night and the morning air....nice to see a post from you,glad you felt inspired to write...elo....wave
I am so glad to be back.. thank you so much for you kind words.. and support.

hugs elo my dear friend.
This poem is refreshing,i enjoyed thiswine M.M
thank you
Hi countryladypoet :)

I liked your poem. As if I was telling this.

* School is back in session lol(I'm Spanish teacher)so...

* The children to fast they grow(I have three all boys,and already in college,I didn't know when this happened!)

Hugs and Blessings angel hug
Hi, countryladypoet,
Were autumn not so close to winter's cold, it could be my favorite season. Your poem paints such an inviting picture. It's good to see you back in Poet's Corner.
BBM thank you so much for the beautiful comments..I too have a daughter in college.. I remember her holding my hand and bringing me dandelion bouquets ... time.... escapes mebouquet wine

gnj.. thank you sweet friend. I have missed poets corner and all of its blessed people.
purple heart wine bouquet
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