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Why is life so hard to live....Why do so many take rather than give...They take your love then throw it away....And it happens to so many people eveyday.....So eveyday there is pain...And your life is never the same.....Is there a cure for a broken heart.....Can you really make a fresh start....I do not have the answer to this mess....To the solution i can only guess....So every day i go through the motion....Hoping love is not just a romantic notion.......jw
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Posted: Sep 2012

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As always , this is just beautiful heartfelt poetry from you tiswas --and in answer to your question , no it is never to late to make a fresh start ! i hope there is romance and lots of love for all of us in the very near future ! F handshake
A sad love poem tiswas and hard questions. I hope it is just your poem as just going through the motions of life is sad. hug teddybear
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I ask this same question that you do JW, I know the feeling all to well and see others caged in the hope that the past was just a mistake and that their turn is next. I don't have any answers but I enjoyed reading your work.
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Expressing exactly, what many feel. Great write..Thanks tiswasapplause applause
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