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A thousand blogs have come before you.
A thousand blogs will come after.
Scammers many will see you through,
Hoping you succumb to disaster.

It changes not from day to day.
The scammers' stories all the same.
My mama died, my sister's sick,
Just to make their stories stick.

Wealth and money is their game
Never changes, always the same.
Scammers never look for fame.
They just want you down in flames.

To all the scammers this I say,
Someday soon you will pay.
Up in flames you will go.
It won't be easy, or even slow.

(C) Copyright 2012 Faith Times Ministry
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
There are so many scammers about, and so many blogs have been written about the subject, that I felt a poem was in order.

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Nicely done. No matter what we all do in discussion or verse they surely fill the email boxes with their junk. Amazing all the stories that they come up with and some of the silly things they list on their profile. I guess as long as people fall for their tricks they will stick to them. dunno Thanks for sharing
Hugger..Western Union will be Fine Thanks!!!rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
beer thumbs up thumbs up
Hehe, yes, the scammers need some poetry. Maybe they would learn other values in life than easy money if they read more poetry.
Their language skills would improve as well.

For scammers I have only one message, a word that your father from Luleå must have been familiar with:


It's Finnish and not translatable. Swedish profanity is too lame to express my feelings for such activities as scamming.

Nice flow and rhyme makes your poem a joy to read.
Thank you so much for the comments, folks. Very much appreciated.
wow hugger did not know you wrote poetryapplause very good poem about scammers. I am a little puzzled I thought scammers was anybody who caused havoc on the net not just money grabbersconfused or just pretenders mocking you first with nice lines then poof disappear. See I get education too.applause applause applause
I was thinking of scammers when I wrote that, and to me scammers are the ones who ask for money. We also have trolls on here who don't ask for money but do cause a lot of trouble on here. So, I make a distinction between scammers and trolls.
So cool and very well-written....! It really made me smile...laugh

The fact is that today even if you are really in need for something or in a very terrible situation, nobody will help you just because of the damn scammers...!

Once something occurred to me and I really needed help, I do remember that whoever I asked for help on FB (while they all were my Fb friends since long ago), they immediately blocked me and reported my ID to the Facebook thinking I am deceiving them and treating me as a scammer(WTF!),I got really extremely disappointed that day...Anyways, I went through those days someway and I came to know that:

This world and all its people are very terrible...the closest ones won't help you when you are in need...I have experienced that...!

Thanks for sharing the beautiful poem..!

The scammers are easy to spot, usually way younger than me and always directing me to contact them on their email. Since I'm here just for penpals, the scammers don't have a snowballs chance in hell with me.dancing blah
i love this poem, you know when i frist came on this site i thought scammers were hackers who hack you an steal ya money when i found out they just asked you for money lolz well i was abit shocked people fell for it but many have so they must be real good at what they do O.o.

Amazing write :)
More and more people are discovering my poem. Again, thank you so much to all who are enjoying the poem. Appreciate it more than you will know.
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