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This life is not yours to live as you please
For you are a part of the machinery that runs this world You are born with a destiny and purpose
Designed and prepared long before conception in the womb
Answer your call for it will surely come
This life is a marathon race and not a sprint dash
Therefore learn how to pace yourself well
Learn a lesson from the tortoise if you will
They are among the slowest animals and also among those that live the longest
Lay solid and good foundations as you live this life
Those coming after will have to build on that foundation
Neither be sloppy as you build on the foundations others laid
Why should someone have to tear down your work and rebuild
Keep in mind that there are those greater than you
Seeking their favor seeing they control the future
Remember there are many things in live outside your control
Many have determined to have things to their own hurt
Acquiring thing they would be better off without
Cultivate the wisdom and experience of years
Mentor the strength and vision of youth
Let not your wisdom and experience die with you
Keep in mind this life is nothing compared to the next
One ends only to start the other
If this one ends all it would have been of no worth
You cannot change your past but you can correct the future
Living life without a guide is heading to no where
You will get there soon enough and without help
Be wise in your choices for life discloses not it’s alternatives
You will have to live with the choices you make
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
One of those nights when sleep was long in coming so this is how I passed the time

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Comments (2)

What a way to pass the time prenge....outstanding write!!! Words to live by honest and real!!! So glad I didn't miss this, thanks for sharing!!!applause thumbs up cheering handshake
Comments like yours make me want to continue writing. thanks
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