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reality bites life survives

nights do come as my head lays to rest upon thy bed,
thought run through my head by day n night without any rest,
reality bites when thy eyes open wide to the suns bright light,
people run by my sights like the spiders deep within my mind,
think of thoughts that toughen my mind to meet my daily life,
rainbow colors so bright or music that fills a mans life with art by its side,
longing for answers hidden from the mind in order to bring whole life and peace of mind,
puzzle is my mind best described sometimes messed up sometime clear as glass,
tomorrow i will survive to live and enjoy my life make amends for all
thy sins and forgive the sins bought upon thy by others,
should i pass i pass full in life wit smiles long n far,
finally the picture puzzle of thy life has been pieced together,
upon gods wall it doth stay n seen by angels near n far,
once passed i still live reborn a crow scavenger of the earth,
family will now me and then i`ll be near.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
what can i say u learn a lot when u awake in a hospital bed

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Happygolucky4uonline today!
(longing for answers hidden from the mind in order to bring whole life and peace of mind) I really enjoyed this poem. Sorry you had to find it from a hospital bed blues I remember a time in life when I searched for peace of mind and the piece of the puzzle that would make my life whole. It was there the whole time. Just burried in the array of my looking. bouquet
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