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A few Haiku Poems

Lily pads floating
Tranquil waters undisturbed
Beauty of Nature

Icy mountain tops
Glistening in the sunshine
Snow begins to melt

The sun sinks slowly
Dipping into water’s edge
Traces of color

Sunset streaked skyline
Painted with artistic hand
Lasting but moments
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
Thought I would try a new format of poetry. Since they are short I posted several together

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Comments (9)

cloudysky you did a great job. I can picture each haiku. Thank you so much for sharing.applause applause applause applause
And you have nailed them beautifully

wonderful I have tried this format and its so peaceful I can see you got enjoyment doing tooteddybear
Really nice Haikus...paints a very beautiful serene world...lovely to read...teddybear
Beautiful!!!!!thumbs up bouquet bouquet hug
this last one

Sunset streaked skyline
Painted with artistic hand
Lasting but moments

excellent.....elo... wave
My favorite is the last one also.. beautifully written.bouquet purple heart
Really great!!!!!!!!
You draw true image of nature its very nice and look like reality.
Your haiku's paints a picture for the mind,the last one wasthumbs up M.M
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on Sep 2012
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