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5 Minutes

5 minutes, always just 5 minutes, goes like this, babes, going to the shop, will only be 5 minutes, but the Question, is it really just 5 minutes, thinking to myself, isnt the 5 minutes statement not just a everyday saying, can anybody really tell me how long 5 minutes is, believe me, if you have an emergency somewhere and you call for assistance, the operator might create the expresssion that the Unit will only take 5 minutes...time of arrival, but believe me, that 5 minutes is a life time, the clock ticks in its own mind, and you wonder, is there no way to speed the process up, no 5 minutes, I dont trust you at all, let me dont move to the bedroom, 5 minutes, shame on you, now I realize why the divorce rate is so high, men it is not a crime to use Viagra, 1st impressions last

The power of the mind is stronger than the body
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Posted: Sep 2012

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orientalkoruonline today!
Strong sentiments in here...time management, divorce, viagra...not sure if I am missing what's between the line or not but I agree 5 minutes can mean differently with regards to the context/concept of time we have as individuals. Culture plays a big factor in time-keeping and divorce. Sweden is one of the countries whose concept of time-keeping is way up there amongst the best yet their divorce rate is at the top of the chart too whereas countries like India or Sri Lanka with a less strict culture on time-keeping have very low divorce rates. So I won't associate divorce with this issue. But in saying all that I can understand your frustration, sad flower
You missing my point, I am not refering to disaster management but rather what we intent to entail sometimes, you right, the concept regards to viagra, mind blowing, but lets see what woman think of this
All these commercials on tv for male arousal disgust me. Long do I want back the days of "Where's the Beef?" and "Time to make the Donuts."burger daydream
Brother you right, the fact is, the days that we played LPs and build castles in the sand is long time something of the past

Lets look at teenagers between 12 and 16 years old, lets cover there faces with make up, bingo, adults, but my story remains, the essens here is 5 minutes,

I wonder what woman thinks, I dont want to hurt some mens feelings here,

1. Emergency stress - 5 minutes
2. Sex in the bedroom - 5 minutes
The dreaded 5 mins ...woman are always 5 mins on the way but god knows when ...?!
Here MOST ladies are late ..sometimes by 5mins or more ...
The good ones hides behind the's the bad ones and egocentric ,ones .
Oops ! I am not off track ,right ?
Well just share my 2 cents ,almost said the P that sound more like OUR famous organ .
I forgot ,Dont know if u're new ,so welcome to poet's corner .peace heart wings
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