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Oh ! help me my wishing star !..don't leave me here troubled and dispaired with a thousand thoughts running through my me ask for guidance from the man above and afar..Oh ! dear lord !..i tell you it isn't easy making a new i look around i see strangers glancing at me..all i wanted was to give a wave..but.. i froze !..they were all so forien to me....again..i asked my wishing star to help..please..i asked..sprinkle your magical golden dusk over give me courage and teach me how to be free of what is troubling me..Ooh ! wishing star i would love me a friend or two..because god and i know that lonliness isn't good for you....then out of the blue ! i heard my wishing star say as she sprinkled golden dust over me..there is always be tomorrow.. to find a friend or trust and for company for don't frett my dear..she said to me..just set your troubled mind free..Written by robyn bashford..
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Posted: Sep 2012
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