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Teddie goanna was wandering through the bush..through drought brittled grass six foot high and thick.. he needed to give his solid body an almighty shove and push..he had been lazing in the blazing Australian sun..nearly did he he thought he'd better get a wriggle on before he totally cooked..then while wandering through the bush Teddie briefly lost his grip.. stumbling over a giant rock..he said crikey..what a trip..up he got..rolled his eyes..Teddie mumbled to careful you silly drip..Teddies' feelin kinda hungry so off he goes to find a carcous of roo meat along the river side..then to Teddies' delight he found what he was searching for and while he sloppily ate ..Teddies'.. ecitement he couldn't hide as he gobbled up the roo make his belly that Teddie has eaten and feelin a lil tired..Teddie wanders off to find a hollow log where he can peacefully wear off the roo meat that made his tummy wide..Written by robyn bashford..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
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