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Shame you poor man - Adult Contents

Ladies ladies we have a problem, I thought about this, when it comes to c*ck sizes, its always being the monsters that qualify for role play, the teeny weeny dude must get the left overs, hey no teeny weenies around, why is c*ck sizes always so important, and you being 30 minutes on the job and your lady turns around and say, oh I like it if you start with your fingers first,

Come on, no support here, this is a issue for me,specially when it comes to first impressions lasts,

MMMMMMM - -a thought
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Posted: Sep 2012
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Any knowledge of the female anatomy would reveal that size doesn't count, it's what you do with it that's important. Sorry smiley bob, you are an idiot!rolling on the floor laughing tongue
Yes you right, I am an idiot, but let me tell you this, you might think that size is not the essens here, lets see what woman say about this, all i know, size is a issue for 55% of woman, secondly, if you dont know me, why call me a idiot, appreciate your imput here but dont be so hard on me

I did a survey, on my own, I spoke to 100 woman over a period of 4 months, and 55% told me, hey dude, if you cant handle the heat, get out of the kitchen, so this tells me 1 thing, brother, if you dont have the right tools, how can you do a good service on your car, come on

Have a stunning evening, take it cool Bra

The Smiley Bob I was referring to is a commercial on tv for Enzyte, a male enhancement pill. Sorry about the translation, I liked your poem.cheers
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