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No Need To Rush

should i play it smooth or should i wait a while?
let me take you through our wild times
you've got that sexy look but the devils in your eyes
I've got my hands on your hips and them beautiful thighs
we are eye to eye
you pull me close you hold me tight
you seem to know just what i like?
yes we fight
but making up is the time to put things right!
we went from like to love we had no time for lust
in your heart is where you'll find me
you make this smile
your trust is kind
in my heart is where you shine
i will take my time to find you in these blinding trying times
no light alone we get blinded but together we shine
now see us shining?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012

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Love is like a garden they takes time, care, and patience. Looks like your doing the right thing...wish you the best!handshake
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by Unknown
on Sep 2012
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