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Pink-bluish nightmare

Said the sailor in my pink dream sad is the man who follows peach green, weak at heart blink of an eye and in one night its all over, gliding on black skies gazing the day stars contemplating the next hour and its a surprise, hating on life living on ice burning inside and yet no cry, revealing only a little saying too much screaming aloud the calvary hasn't arrived, IT be the last call the last hope a single choice and a far cry and in a mere hundred letters few words i make no sense but i have endless meanings, its purple, inside and braking me apart, it has a choice and yet chose to burn me, i'm dead i'm buried and forgotten but aware, i love blue and its pink and they converge, its all i dream of and all what dreams are made of and its my pink-bluish nightmare because i'm awake! PUT ME DOWN...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
the distance between existence and absence called life

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