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Size Do Matter

Goods that come in sizes small, standard or large
They are free of charge
Bestowed at birth
Pleasures while repopulating the earth
Four inches, six inches, eight inches or more
Goods that are not sold in shops or stores
She told me she was not fickle
But she did not want a man her to tickle
She want to feel agony and pain
Vowing she would not complain
For her man must be well endowed
When it is time for her field to be plowed
Those that have been hanged with a itsy bitsy weenie
Dispenses only a meanie
Though some say men with small pricks
Are able to do more tricks
Others that female are built to expand
And accommodate as circumstances demand
Females say their greatest attraction
Is that a man has the whole and not a fraction
Over time a man builds a reputation
Too many female stopping at his station
Rumor get around he has something great
The ladies begin to salivate
Wanting to know if something big will fit
Instead of running they want to experience it
A doctor was asked why posterior fornix laceration
Was one of the hazards of procreation
He said be careful, fellows called d*ck
Can damage like a piece of stick
If you are not a hen be wary of c*ck
They too cause hurt like rocks
That thing is not a toy
Handle with care as you enjoy
Still given all you think she can endure
Her demand is I still want more
Men that come equipped large and over size
End up winning all the prize
Many wives admit that the reason they stray
Was because they got laid the wrong way
The question remain does size matter
The females tell me the bigger the better
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
I was reading the comments of two of our poets yesterday and idly wrote this morning

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Comments (4)

Hmm i'm lost here ...
Size matter ?
Only the ladies can vouch for it
I think that is more of a mans HANG UProlling on the floor laughing but enjoyed the fun poemgrin
You are correct. You'll notice I try to stick to female quotes and ended with an oft repeated female refrain.
The females have a constant complain. At on time I thought the happiest woman would be on whose husband was impotent but then a female told me "anytime my husband does not do it right then I scratch and fight."
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