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Imaginary play

Imaginary Play Sep. 2012

Wake up, wake up; lets go greet the day. The sun is shining and ready to play.
Lets hop on a boat and sail across the sea. When our sails catch the wind Our ship will blow free.

We’ll fight knurly old pirates and win their trunk of gold. They will all walk the plank if they don’t do as there told.

We will spend all our treasure on sweet breads and tea. We will live on the deep waters, just you and me.

Lisa Hegler
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
Wanted to try some thing for my son.

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Comments (2)

applause loved it bet your son did tooteddybear
Thank you redex. He didnt think much about He is into that anime stuff now.
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