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Right Kind of People

They look at me as I can do wrong in their eyes,
Even if I fail on the first thousand tries.
I struggle to catch myself when I slip from the heights,
Only so they can potray me differently in their sights.
So even as I fail my spirits may be lifted for the next try,
Cause on their held breath I can fly.
No matter what I fail in I can always pass any test,
For in the eyes of your loved ones you are better than the rest
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
The people who lift you up when you are down are the ones god wants you to be around

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Comments (2)

You're so right heart wings
People can be pretty cruel in their judgements on others. I find it is easier to be with just one who doesn't judge and who you can just be yourself and not have to be this fake person you think the others want you to be.handshake
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