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Delivering thee

Ruth was a middle Eastern Princess
whose father was the King of Moab.
She lived a life of frivolity
for never did she want for
anything you see.
Her father was a idol worshiper
who sacrificed their children for
his God to be set in the money.
He was enormously large he felt
he was the big dog as he was in
He took the Israelites into slavery
for eighteen years.
They were his servant until Ehud
came to save their lives.
He killed the king with just one
thrust therefore he had the
isrealites trust.
He called from their land of slavery
with a trumpet sound for he had been
sent to deliver them to a land set
up by God for thee.
This land where they did stay was
fords of Jordan where they had 80
years of peace after power they
did show of God strength to the
M o a b i t e s.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
story of Israelites

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Comments (4)

Wonderfully rewritten in your hand ...thanks heart wings
Lovely Adjhe thanks for sharing,you are a God fearing soulpeace M.M
poet thank you for that comment. You are very kind soul.teddybear
Morgen thank you for the gentle words of kindness. You are so nice with your words.
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