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Giving to Greed

A long time is not long enough
the land opens up swallows the tear of man
sorrows she feels and opens her vains
giving her everything and making more
for man to share
greed has taken over
the fever of man is hot
sorrow she feels
opens her land swallows his tears
as she shares her blood
that's in her vains
bomb's bursting rocks moving
defacing the land that gives
taking all of what she is making
slight breeze the warm sun
she protects the men
that's turning her into
a wasteland
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012

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Comments (7)

A very sad picture but so very real...wonder what it takes for Man to stop killing this planet...lovely to read from you dear kickit...teddybear
Powerful really kick it ! Thanks enjoyed it heart wings
for man we are all greedy,,never get sattisfied on what the mother nature has given to us...we all want everything,till all those things are gone to waste and destroyed,thru that greedines of man,now we have to suffer for nature takes its tollconversing

once again sir kickit,very well written and brilliant write as alwayshandshake cheers
Nice to see you again Kickit wave
Deep & powerful write,

opens her land swallows his tears
as she shares her blood
thumbs up

Thanks for sharing.. peace
A real powerful and emotional write

thumbs up thumbs up
The same here for me Mike powerful though i gather much sadness which really brings out the best in one...take care friendwine M.M
There is no question we have made a mess out of this land. Like George Carlin said, we took this beautiful landscape that we inherited, well actually we stole it from the Indians and turned it into a coast to coast shopping mall.motorcycle popcorn danceline beverage delivery
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