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beginning of crescent's dave....dave's crescent

the moment that became... the moment that...began
I still don't know
she entered my life from...
wherever it is that, enjoys a good joke

I met her in the holland days
her searching eyes breathing life
to any whose lungs still had that capacity
she was enough for one, such as I,
to just try to force oneself
to give up

way, way, too beautiful
with the gravity to pull in, even the most distant star
I tried to imagine myself,
never imagining, nor even giving notice
...while fooling myself
that I was going to do my best to
...not notice you

under such moon (which later shall prick up my ears),
did my uncanny lack of markmanship
cause me to brush you
I mean, we barely touched...
but I had my eyes on your's
and you had your eyes on mine

waves of tide washed over me
warming vibration of vitality coursed through my brain
and body
such elixir, showing up
emotional gamut has swallowed me!
it's chewing me up whole
will I remain intact when after?
but 'oho'
...she reaches out and grasps my arm
and like a baby's murmur from heaven she said
'hello name's Crescent'
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
a world of adam and eve....where will writing a breakfast serial take me?

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