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The truth behind Rumpelstiltskin revealed (Part 5)

The day was spent in feasting, much like the day before. Today though the miller’s daughter was outfitted with the finest of clothes. Clothes fit for a Queen. The Ladies of the court tried not to show their disgust as the King fawned over her. Every time the King kissed her it was all they could do just to keep their food down. However the King was totally oblivious to all this. To him, through his gold affected eyes she was beautiful and desirable.

All day long while the feasting was going on the servants were busy filling the cellars. Room after room was filled with straw, from floor to the ceiling leaving barely enough room to walk in.

That night she was shown the cellars. Fifteen huge rooms in all, and the prize if she succeeded was to become Queen. Should she fail, the death she was promised was more horrific than she could ever imagine. As the King and his guards retreated she fell to the floor. This time her wails were so loud that surely every castle ghost was awoken.

Right on cue the little man arrived. When he saw the nights work ahead of him he blanched. This might be too much, even for him. The more he looked around the more doubtful he became.

“I will do my best. If I succeed and you become Queen then all I ask is that you throw a party in my honour after one year. Nothing more, nothing less.”

The agreement was quickly reached. A party for him after one year, what did it matter. She wanted to live and not die a horrible death, and furthermore she wanted to become Queen. No more going hungry and the best of everything for the rest of her life.

The thought of the King sharing her bed did not please her at all but she could always claim to have a headache. She was sure that eventually she would have the bed all to herself.

All night long the little man worked. Sweat dripping from his brow and his clothes saturated. His fingers were raw and bleeding yet not once did he cease. On and on he spun throughout the night. As the c*ck crowed the arrival of dawn the last piece of straw was spun. Everywhere there was gold. As he bade her goodbye he reminded her of the bargain they had struck and that he would see her in one year.

He had barely just left when the King arrived. What met his eyes was more than he had hoped for. Gold, gold, gold everywhere. There was that much gold that it had spilled over into the dungeons. The poor prisoners chained to the walls no longer lay on straw but on cold hard gold. Amongst all this gold sat his future Queen, looking absolutely stunning. He could barely contain himself when he looked at her. To him she was the most adorable creature on earth.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012

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