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As dawn breaks, she can no longer wait.
The thirst is to great, to quench her palate.
A journey she takes, 10 miles straight.
Thru darkness she goes, a bucket she throws,
on top of her head.
Wild animals she dreads. Strangers lurking ahead.
Sweat covers her face, but with each step she takes.
A love of family awaits, left behind at her place.
An old rusty pipe. Just in sight. Cloudy stream of water,
opened to her delight!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
Natural resources...

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Comments (22)

Hey Cherie .........sounds more like survival to me ........nice write .....regards n61grin cool
For so many, it is survival :( ..thanks for your comment n6 deeply appreciated!!! hug teddybear handshake
Hi Cherry is she in the desert?laugh Lovely write my friendhug bouquet M.M
Conjures up all kinds of interesting story lines dear. Sweet!professor kiss
I have to smile at varied necessary, and we who live with bores and springs, understand pumps that come on and on with a drone.
I guess for us it is choice, for many, it is survival.....unusual but great write...loved it Kathyteddybear
Lol...laugh Thanks m for your comment....I know it's kind of a strange thing to us....dunno heart wings
Very true cafe!! Ty for your comment, appreciate ithandshake hug heart beating
Thanks Kathy...I had to smile to, but I read many stories on what some woman go through, in different parts of the world, to get water. It is hard to believe in this day & age & what you mentioned, it's just normal to us lol even just buying a bottle of water is not even a thought. confused Really appreciate your comment. Makes me think about things, even more. hug comfort handshake yay heart wings heart wings teddybear Xx Cherie.....
I love it...I use to carry buckets of H2O as a young girl...we had no hose that was long enough to go around the" a bucket we throw on top of our heads..."teddybear hug
A lovely reminder Cherryreggae of a basic need most of us for granted.
Thanks for sharing wine bouquet
An animal attacks !!
So out with her OOZIE!!!
No need to panic !!
Everthings DOOZY !!!thumbs up thumbs up

Good poem Cherry!!teddybear grin
Thanks orienthug for sharing, as a child I visited family in carribbean. We had to do same thing. Thanks for comment teddybear heart wings
Thanks very much lady morgana. Really appreciate your comment, so true about our basic needs & what we take for granted tyhug handshake peace teddybear
Thanks particolor, appreciate ur comment peace handshake grin heart beating teddybear
very nice, very deep, very yourself
Thanks makamba:...appreciate your comment very muchbouquet teddybear bouquet
this one got my heart pumping, wished it was longer..... awesome....david
Hey there Cherry - I spent some time out in Zambia and saw this up close and personal and the consequences. It's a very complicated problem, not so simple as people think. The main problem is unless the village or community feel that they own any well that is provided for them - they'll never take responsibility for it dunno That means they won't maintain it or fix it or even contact someone to fix it! So the trick is - and not all NGO's have learnt this - to bring the community in on the construction of the well from the start. I'm glad you know about this, not many people do..
Happy Christmas Hunni,

snowman2 snowman2 snowman2
Thanks David, I'm glad you liked it.....just was thinking how privledged we are to drink bottled water...hug handshake
Thanks for sharing that info ladybee...I was watching a PBS story on that, we are so fortunate that we don't even have to think about these issues that affect people's lives on a daily basis, its our human right!!! It's just a very sad situation....thanks hug handshake
A bad story well told. Bad in the sense of the truth of it, and how we forget (or sometimes accept) how others live. Very poignant!
So true!!!!....notlookinggood!!!Thank you for your comment, appreciate it.....ITS hard sometimes to think on that level, when we have the Basic needs & more....abundantly more!!! I'm guilty at times...just a conscious thought...thanks for your heartfelt comment!!peace yay
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