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In memory of Jesse

The little things remind me
of the things you used to do
like little children playing
in the park or at the zoo
not one day goes by
that i sit and still wonder why
you had to take your life
you had 3 little children
that needed you to stay
but there was no way of saving you
on that fateful day
You took your life
and left behind
no note to explain why
I sit here son with many questions
and cry and cry and cry.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
My oldest son Jesse hung himself on 10/2/2005.
A loss that I will never get over and the questions remain today. I miss him so much at times I cry alot. It is the memories and the birthdays and holidays that make it the hardest.
Each day that passes he is in my heart and mind. Just wishing I had that one last chance to tell him how much he meant to me.

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