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Hatub Brabender

a summer in the sun on the sunny beach of ocean city
my age is 18, just agraduated high school
times are great...livin' is easy
I am young, strong, fast, male
a night, on the boardwalk
barefoot, jeans, folks
sunny long-haired lady (with pants that fit)
shattered my web, or I shattered her's
we laid across the sand that night
I was mesmerized
she said that she was from chicago
but I'm on the east coast, she said she hitched here looks, I knew the rides were easy
with an egyptian first name...hatub
and her last name was...brabender
I knew of a gene brabender, baltimore baseball pitcher
she said that he was her cousin
small world / this what ...!
we strolled and laughed
eternal search for human kindness
love! sire....
I had lost my virginity...
and all was terrific with the universe
later we crashed with two renter girls I knew
we rolled a rollaway bed from the hallway into their room
it must have gotten awfully hot in that motel room that night
as the two renters decided to take an AM walk
later hatub told me that she wanted to take a walk
that she wanted to be alone now
that she would be back
in gregarious moment I thought that I understood
as she left, I turned in delight of her return
I never saw her again
the two renter girls returned
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012

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Comments (4)

I had lost my virginity...
and all was terrific with the universe

What more could a young man want? Loved this.thumbs up purple heart
....and an impact she left! as always you are a master storyteller....head banger
ahh yes, i don't remember days like this. blues
American, I love your stories, ever think of putting them all together in a journal wink thumbs up

purple heart purple heart
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