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open eyes with a drunken mind

when you see the angels fly like blossom in the wind at night bringing on the doves whom cry,
flaming fires from within thy eyes with smoke like clouds that doth arise well above the sky so high,
shivering in the downing mist of the days morning lights like paupers begging to survive n crows that fly within the white lines,
minds so clouded like the air of ruins filled with smog from alleyways to city lights,
life just seems to be parted your way for the likes of a darkened life,
mind wide open upon thy knees knelt beyond thy bed i prey to what i believe to be god,
asleep i fall and awake again with the hope of new days and old eras long passed and left behind,
my hope is alive and will survive be gone the evils in my life ,
for today brings a new life for i so now i prey smiles will delight,
mine the greatest of all delight so good day i bid and strengh be near,
for darkness comes to test our life and we off all i promice will survive ,
so now i bid you a good bye.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
a tattoo can tell a mans story but a poem his heart will tell to lead to art upon ones skin that will tell of his romeo and juliet.

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Beautiful write nightcrow, darkness does come to test us.Every word compliments the next thankyou for sharingxxhandshake crying devil angel thumbs up hug
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