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Beauty Is HERE

The clouds separate at
different parts in the
sky to allow the sky to
shine through.
The sun come in as if
to greet you with a
smile asking you to join.
Different shapes and
sizes, even some clouds
are objects that we can
see floating in the sky
as if their coming to
greet you.
Look up at the sky to
see what is up there
for you and me.
Beauty is everywhere
all you, have to do is
just look there.
For something is waiting
to be seen by you and
even me too.
Never let beauty pass
you by as you do not
know what you have
missed or even what
was to be if only
if you would notice me.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
Nature and God hat a gorgeous thought

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Sadly not many take the time to bask in the wonders of wine
poet this is a nice comment . You are correct people do not notice the nature around them.
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