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for the auctioneer

No other woman makes me feel the word love like you do,
And whenever I close my eyes I sense only you.
Your smiles are filled with no lies

It is in you I see the wonders of creation
Your smiles are astonishing and full of beautiful intentions
Brightest are your shinny eyes,expressing joyful emotions

Even though you are miles away
Thinking of you has now become a hobby
And in your caring hands is my dream destination

I am diagnosed with an infection in heart
And you are the only prescription
Need no doctor on board cause you are my only medication

I am not trying to be a praise singer
But I believe to every action there is a possible reaction
And to every true feeling attached is a beautiful affection

I don’t think I need any explanations
For u are the best among the rest
Please don’t ask me why cause this is no arithmetic,
Neither physics nor chemistry and I don’t think u need solutions

Your thoughts make me feel complete
As such a character tallied with decency and self-composure
I am continuing to smell the woman of my dreams.

+++M a dp o e t+++
(t h e p o e t r y b o o k)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
just an emotion feeling in me lolling into my wish .... its for who ever for what ever for a women with such same feeling like me ....

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