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A glass of sensuality in a sea of coldness

It was past midnite
Two strangers miles away
Boredom introduced them
Stories shared
Desire grew

He adores her for her open mind
Her magical ability to instantly click within a minute
He wanted something more
And keep going ignoring what she was feeling

She became mute
The thought of being the object of m**turbation turn her off
Distance grew

Clock ticking
Minutes passed
Hours of silence

A glass of sensuality in a sea of coldness
He said
She turned off her skype
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012

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Comments (7)

Sad but all to true,so much loneliness on the web, so many expectations and desires. I make no judgments on anything but my own behavior but it seems from my point of view,that he has displayed the ugliest kind of selfishness. Then tried to lash out and hurt you with the parting words....elo...wave
Hi Elo,

It's sad how one can be selfishly fulfilling his need without even realizing whether the other party responding or not. It's like m**turbating, and forcing other to watch. Thank you for stopping by, and have a great weekend handshake
This is a despicable...deplorable attitude...sad but unfortunately there are rotten ones around us...sad flower
Hi Oriental,

rotten ones are every where, we do what we need to protect ourselves from them, even if it means being cold. Nice to have you around.
No wonder trust is so difficult to build with someone you meet on the net,i would say its always a risk you're taking but becoming to attached leads to pitfallswine purple heart M.M

sooner or later we will learn to feel the sincerity...
Mizzy4online today!
Hi Sarasvathy, thats a really honest poem and a sad one, but I think its even sadder if you become cold
because of this. You are quite obviously beautiful with so much to offer so its a shame if you allow an
occasional wanker to prevent you from achieving your dreams.
Kind regards....Mick. hug kiss
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