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the date scammer

You speak of beauty love and forever with words that hypnotise me into a trance of a never ending love story.
Your photos are glowing sweet smiles of beauty thats unspoken of
your words have such powers that lovers are led
But here is my question?im leading whats read
Are you sweet sally or Steven or fred?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012

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The fun of the internet for a lot of folks is to be someone you are not, so therefore anyone who wants to meet someone on the computer had better be wary or they might find an unpleasant suprise!rolling on the floor laughing detective cowboy dancing
Lol....always the question, eh? Thanks for the chuckle.peace
thankyou ladies glad you liked it I was reading some articles of the situation and had to get my thoughts out.I see it had the desired affect cheers dancing banana yay
Hi, scottishjohn,
Are you sweet sally or Steven or fred? In scammer world, more likely all of the above. Thanks for sharing your take on the date scammer.
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