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Eclipse of the Heart

Blanket of darkness covering sun
Shadow of a figure coming undone
Wishes like air kisses just no fun
Always dancing to my own drum
Like evil twins the moon and sun
Life unfolds quickly as a cookie crumbs
I don't want to color in the lines
Taking way to much time
Don't perceive to touch the pot of gold
Misty rain drops turn to snow
Is it hot or is it cold
Petals blowing in the wind
Fairy dust lights the dark
Day light comes to an end

Reaching to hold night like a friend
Shadow of daylight cannot be seen
Once many years ago
The King and Queen were side by side
Now when he comes she hides

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Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
I watched as the sun set tonight. It reached a point where it seemed that day time wanted to hold night time. Night time removed all the shadows and day time seized to be. Tomorrow the queen will rise once more to claim the day time as hers. It will be the moon who will then bow to the sun and the circle of life will continue.

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Comments (11)

Like your style .heart wings
nice poem happy...elo..wave
Happygolucky4u....good to see you again! I enjoyed this poem....and photo...well done.hug
Hi Happy..nice to see you again wave
Lovely title that unites so well with your lovely poem.. enjoyed very much bouquet wine
Beautiful poem and picture goes so well together. Just lovelyhug teddybear
Lovely work and i also like the picturewine
Hi, hi Happy! I love this idea, true it's as old as humankind but it's popular for a reason. The idea of the sun and moon being unrequited lovers is just sublime and I love your take on it. I imagined your eyes drinking in the scene, writing the poem then you put your sloppy slippers on and enjoyed the rest of the night.grin laugh

thumbs up purple heart purple heart

We saw no less than 4 deer walking through our yard two evenings ago. I said, 'Oh look they are so beautiful and elegant'. Robert said, 'Pass me my shotgun honey I can definitely get one from the bedroom window'! doh rolling on the floor laughing
No worries, just kidding, bow hunting season only started today and it'll be a while before the guns are allowed so the bambi family are safe for the moment. uh oh
Hi, Happygolucky4u,
Once many years ago The King and Queen were side by side... Such a poignant write. Nice to see you back in Poet's Corner.
beautiful poem Happygolucky.....and the pic....fitting.....great write...Kathyhug
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Thank you everyone for your comments. bouquet

And Ms Bee you are doing google earth now? How else could you see my slippers. Not so sloppy just shape challenged. grin Yes, that does sound like something Robert would say. I have shot the bow before they have enough power to take bambi and her family out.blues And I believe it will not be long and muzzle loading season will be in. At least here in the south. Sadly now your seasons will be known as this, I even have snook and lobster season. And all those people thinking they are so fancy with their four seasons. snooty


I love so many of the lines in this poem,'Shadow of a figure coming undone''Life unfolds quickly as a cookie crumbs'.I like the way you write.teddybear
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