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Motherless Child

He was awakened that night
Medics storm through the door
fighting to save a dying light
among shouts and sirens roar
a sheet covers her from his sight...

Mother has gone
lifeless body on the floor
her work was far from done
She was only forty-four
He was her only son...

Why did she go?
Pulling the covers over his head
Praying to God that He will show
A plan to the boy in the bed
With covers over his head...

Angels wings covered him
As they began to sing
And he smiled through the pain
That such a loss does bring
Knowing one day they will be together again...
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
For my son Brett...

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Comments (7)

So sad, but well written. thanks!sad flower
thanks for reading..
thanks to all...
So sad hug keep hold of this poem for your son for when he is olderteddybear
Children are amazing and we always want them to have everything good, so sad Spartacus.

sad flower
Thanks for all of the kind words...
spartacus This tells a story so sad and yet love that was so deep. You pulled us in for but a brief moment to share your pain and let us go with the feelings inside. May God bless you and help you through each day for he knows the way.teddybear dancing
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