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Guilt is not your friend,
But is it…it depends

Guilt, the stink of sludge
And the color of mud

Guilt, the reminder of the past
Of harm and pain surpassed

Guilt, is the devil in disguise
Waiting for your soul to die

Guilt, is slime with all beauty aside
Covering your beaten hide

Guilt, keeps you in check
When you want to say what the heck…

Guilt, when you feel you should
But it is something understood

Guilt, partners with regret
Consequence's with debt

Guilt, is like a death
It reminds you of the your dread

It hisses from the lips of those who are pure
It turns their gentle hearts insecure

Guilt, it makes the stomach churn
When things are about to turn

Guilt is not your friend,
But is it…it depends
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012

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Comments (4)

Just yesterday I discovered my own "Guilt"..."Guilt, it makes the stomach churn, when things are about to turn".blues
I'm sorry to hear that, things happen for a reason. Maybe you'll find the reason in it too.
There is definitely plenty to feel guilty about. Since the people from Chicago are more plentiful around here, my guilt is fading more now than it used to. The homeless war vets, I feel guilty that they gave everything, including their homes. The indians, I feel guilty for their stolen lands, but some are actually doing very well with the casino money, which they share, what a novel idea, if only the USA did that with their oil.sigh
Thanks for your comments. You don't like Chicago?? lol just kidding. You must be a Packers Fan... lol
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