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~~~? Love Happens Once?~~~

People say love just happens once!
Whenever I look at her I fall in love again and again!
So there goes one time love!
A b*tch slap on ur Face!

Since two comes after one!
And three after two!
Love just continues!

Love keeps on happening and, I keep on drooling!
Infinity is the end of love!
That is why there is no ever ending!
I hope I am making some sense!
Or I am simply continuing loving???

For some, Love is a Medicine!
That heals the soul!
For others, Love is a poison!
That ruins them above!
One after the other everything flows!

Hence, Love cannot just happen once!
Reality is that we love everyone!
Our heart keeps on beating!
It just doesn't beat once!

For all those of u!
Who believe in "love just happens once"!
Herez my finger in between ur buns! :p :p :p

How did it feel?
Yes pain it was!
I stick my finger out!
Is it still hurting u??

Let me put it back inside!
What's that? You're still in pain??
Ahhh, u see, love just cannot happen once!
It keeps on happening again and again! Lol :-) :-) :-)
For you to gain some pain, again and again!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
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Comments (3)

Crude and barbaric but I love it ! Great poem
But not the finger part !!
interesting,dodgy but insightful.shock
laugh rolling on the floor laughing lol chill guys.... this poem has many meanings so it depends truly on ones interpretation, especially the finger part roll eyes roll eyes
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