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comedic weightlessness

I was at bar the other night, heard the conversation
of a woman named J,
She spoke mainly of her hair, and complexion, and weight...
as only the all around betterings of herself..

i chuckled to myself after a beer
thinking but not saying...
as to be a gentleman

"My god, would pop-culture laugh at itself and replace
Snookie with a smiling toothpick...lady J would be

then, i had another beer and some other joke
came to mind (of course only in my head,still
being a gentleman)

"Does this lady J ever think about ....then i paused in an uncanny way.....and my brain screamed ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

So , i went home and ate four big macs, just to be an a**......but still being a gentleman
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012

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Comments (5)

laugh You were a gent, funny though how hollow people can seem, yet it's best to judge slowly if possible. Sorry you hadn't such a great night, maybe the next one will be more fun.

purple heart purple heart
I went to McDonalds yesterday and got the 10 piece chicken nuggets and got twenty for both me and my friend, twenty extra nuggets! I had some for breakfast and we're sharing the last ten tonight. Also won two free fries on the Monopoly game. It ends October 22.banana yay
Lol great write... 4 big macs...laugh
Most my best ideas and thoughts come to me at the bar...see ya there bro... drinking
Labels are hard to get around...whether self imposed or inherited. Great write. beer
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