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Remove The Pain

Monday, September 03, 2012
Remove The Pain (4 Grieving Mothers)

I do not know me any more,
Nor where I am going to,
For I search for an open door
And a hand to help me through.

Nothing seems to matter now
For pain is my constant kin,
And if I could figure out how,
I'd reclaim what was taken.

The world thinks time heals,
But has never been down here,
Nor known how Satan steals,
And leaves you trapped in fear.

I speak for those that can not,
For sorrow entraps their hearts;
So know that we all have fought
The vile demon death imparts.

I now speak for I have risen
And broke the hold of sorrow,
But freedom from this prison,
May vanish on the morrow.

We all have walked through hell
And been burned by the flames,
But through prayers I can tell,
These demons have no names.

They've stolen our soul's crowns,
To leave only our grieving frowns,
For sorrow has it's ups and downs,
And Hades knows not any bounds.

So if someone has lost a child,
Know that one so badly defiled
Is in a world gone horribly wild,
Drowned by sins dark waters riled.

If you have been blessed enough,
Then have endless patience for
Our tortured souls atop the bluff,
That need your love ever more.

We can not possibly ever forget
The loss that our tragedy begot,
Nor will time and love ever offset
A life that seems all for naught.

If you want us ever to smile again,
Then bring our children all back,
For only that can remove the pain
And restore the joy we all lack.
G W (Bill) Marshall
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
As I tried to write this the way 'I' wanted it to go,the words would stop flowing but when I took my 'self' out of it,the words resumed flowing.It made more sense to those grieving than to myself and they loved it saying that it accurately describes them (grieving mothers).

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