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SCIENCE fiction or non?

Quality, quantity, abstract version
the prolonged endurance vs. a seemingly intellect....

There is and was, a being of many
gathered together such hunger and
laterly observed, either silly or
The lastings of spaces defined as
an herbivore, a predator
the red cold and a protective armor.
Billions of our short years,amongst comparing
the size of future mind.

Henceforth a memory Evolved....Q and Q

The ability to define,an appealing pretty dime,
to indulge the difference,
just to survive.
People, Hu,woman,mammal
buildings our fortress, to be just safe,
horrified by our neighborlly analogy,
the kingdom of dinos--such was the same.
Dig so deep, the such so shallow...
a similarity less humble,
as we fight less for food,
and greater emotion.

HB 2012
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
this was supposed to be influenced by einstein, but i was too descriptive with the analogy of prehistoric versus modern human, anyway i have a notebook and a pencil(that's where the real work is done) oh yeah .....good morning, HB

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by Unknown
on Oct 2012
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